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de:f.ea[r]ted the top donors (Decline and Fall: July 2011)

August 9, 2011


People and life[ic][zed]’s most :p.owe[rless]r who[ires]cended Goldsmiths, United
Nations[nged] the voicemail of its[aze]ished in Maeland, has
many as sent at the
E:c.on[ceal]:o.mi[nous]c circumferendum. In the entire sheets
and anothers though four many,[n]n, :a.rg[uing]ued the motion back to nurture, in :c.ri[es][m]ly, when he because of the focus :w.a[r]s he lord. It :w.a[r]s de:f.ea[r]ted the top donors
Mitt Romney, spoke out the best-selling Breivik, :s.a[d]id the :r.epu[lsive]blished be:f.or[got]e had and
a :d.emo[ralization]cratic Party.



8/6/11 – Stanza 2: contiguous selection from charNG (6-grams, type of chaining: markov, 5% chance of inserting a newline after a word, 0% chance of inserting initial spaces) from WikiNews articles for July 2011 with codework parenthetical insertions using JanusNode and words from Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”. Stanzas 1 and 3: codework pseudohaiku using WikiNews articles as above.

I usually include text from Gibbon’s “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”, but this time I forgot…

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