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6x6x6 – The New Machine Language of Hell

August 15, 2011

They spent that bubble up

dramatically, saving

it might slaughter them. The

blueprint was a large green

cube with magic ribbons,

it was inherently


unstable, contractors

who worked to overthrow

the government smeared their

shit halfway up then up

around its neck around

the head of all future


passions. Things aren’t changing,

waking up to white noise

from the white stallion. I

am a stranger here. They

cut off the rubbery

flesh, the fake cock, but kept


the cock sucker. A big

prick shoved into a book

about the good life is

perfectly clean because

it is elephantine,

powered by my handsome


looks. Anything put in

context is something like

a giant dump on the

news. I have to produce

materials on the

basis that they be much


worse than they’d feared, the new

machine language of Hell,

mass digitization

and intellectuals.

Now cling to the death of

all natural beauty!

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  1. August 15, 2011 9:58 am

    Reminds me of William Blake. A poet who writes in the language of the oppressor to undermine the oppressor. I like the idea of a machine language of hell. That could be an interesting thematic thread to weave throughout a work. The line breaks caught me off guard a bit. The fracturing of individual lines seems sporadic though I can see six beats per line. I’d like to see more exploration of the machine language of hell, I think. The concept titillates the imagination. Nice.

  2. August 15, 2011 6:19 pm

    eRoGK7 is the illest.

    The last stanza and a half speak to me as no other poem has spoken to me in a while.

    (stanza 4 is killing it too, though… er… not as reflective of my current situation…)

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