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a:b.ol[dly]ished our ef:f.or[:c.ed[ed]]t (Decline and Fall, June 2011)

August 16, 2011

however allo:w.a[r]nce of ag:r.ic[h]ulture the :c.ons[olation]titution to[fane]vide
the[gled] :c.on[:c.ea[:s.e[x]d]l]:v.ic[:t.or[rent]y]:t.ed[ious] and lifetime member and certainly include :b.esi[eged]de
wendorf suppor:t.ed[ious] by our :c.ha[rges]rters a:b.ol[dly]ished our
ef:f.or[:c.ed[ed]]t but weiner exerci:s.ed[uced] :p.oo[r]r developing :p.ow[ers]er


the jurisdiction :f.or[ces][oble][like]s in the :w.a[r]ter[[less]]ording to the rover :o.ppo[rtunity]rtunity daughter
has[ided]ed our[recy]urity resolution
:f.or[ces][esy]s to the uni:t.ed[ious] :p.ros[ecu:t.ed[ious]]ecution


8/12/11 – stanzas 1 and 3: bigram generation (selecting for back vowels) from WikiNews articles for June 2011 using ePoGeeS with codework parenthetical insertions using JanusNode and words from Gibbon’s “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” Chapter XXXVI: “Total Extinction Of The Western Empire”. Stanza 2: codework pseudohaiku using WikiNews articles as above.

…catching up with some wikinews months I missed earlier…

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