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God is the Polar Coordinate Plane

August 17, 2011

God is a circle whose center is everywhere, and whose circumference is nowhere.” Empedocles
closed patterns
infinite music
has a human heart.
rhythm is a given
infinity minus 6
as a dialog
with nature.
perhaps public.
repetition is aware
as the sum of two sqaures
is aware of the rectangle
didn’t that problem become fluid?
when two
for love.
love is an alternating power
alternating power series
circle binary by truth table
but translatable.
god is a circle
god is a circle
whose circumference
is at the center
whose center is everywhere
reality makes itself between makers
between god’s duplicity
and metaphysical programming
programming become the machine
for strange case conclude to
your symmetry imperfected definitely
considering circularity
writing has a way of reading itself
a way of repeating itself
of coming undone
consider unraveling
on what strange ground
is left
of the event
the mutated sentence
is a logarithm within a sentence
whose extreme nextness
culminates in its
eternal return
oh lord
neitzche has completed your ring
time is a circle
one entire scope echo echo
out of guided grounded images.
another present presents itself
out of the alpha and the omega
of god is dead
and the universe
falls into a circle
and grows
the revert’s tail.
this process is re-entered
the tail in the mouth of a cold map
randomly is is storied
it could guide itself in a breath
in a heartbeat
where patterns
could be translated.

(This was constructed out of words taken from my last post with GTR Workbench and heavy cut-up. I really liked it, plus I had no poems for the Gnoetry volume, so I thought I’d get it in there.)

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  1. August 20, 2011 11:52 pm

    repetition is aware

    as the sum of two squares

    is aware of the rectangle

    That’s very true, and well put.

    How do you like working with GTR Workbench?

  2. August 21, 2011 9:44 am

    It’s really impressive, but complex. I need to play around with it more, figure out the mixed processors and whatnot. I wonder how it does its analytics, on word types nouns/adjs etc… I love it.

    • August 23, 2011 3:08 am

      I wonder how it does its analytics, on word types nouns/adjs etc…

      There are a number of part-of-speech tagging algorithms and various open-source implementations. I’ve been using the Stanford Tagger recently, but I came across a Javascript tagger that I’ve been thinking of using. As far as which one GTR Workbench uses, I think the developer’s email is in the ‘help’ menu, David Ayre answered a question I asked a while back.

  3. August 21, 2011 11:37 am

    And apparently, the regress of people who are cited as saying “God is a circle…” goes all the way back to Empedocles. I’m going to fix that…

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