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Father’s Eye

September 7, 2011

confessions instead of
anti-fictions open
in smoke
in mirrors
you are also

the painless passion song
the bastard of
two suicide languages
the economy box

resurrecting swallows
the distance
between two fingers
on different midnights

i am also

Babylon see body
translatable indeternities die sheep oil-jesus congregation
you’re in and
who the fuck
are you
your father’s cock
has closed its eye
the  “Second vapor Lord”
be money in meat sacrifices
crucify their
power myer freedom
fall in language
Dawn Acquisition Ladder
employee of the year

everywhere revolves
public circularity concludes
an open map mind
but lcrd why

you eye nowhere device
i was you and now i’m
dreamlets of your money
dreamlets speciation
and i’m not


I was running more tests on Infinite Monkeys which now has a word-gram linker which is suited to generating both Infinite Monkeys scripts or it can eat regular texts. For instance, this poem ate all of The Book of the Damned and spewed out this rather disturbing poem. Also, for those of you who downloaded the 1.50-1.52 updates, please have a look at 1.53. IM can now feed on much larger texts without choking. Sorry about that.

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  1. September 9, 2011 11:47 pm

    Fascinating stuff, especially the repetitions and the imagery.

    Do you have any thoughts about the difference between authoring with chained n-gram generation vs authoring with template-based generation?

    I started doing more template-based generation with JanusNode after I saw your template-based work with Infinite Monkeys. It seems that with templates we get more power over the structure that the sentences will take, because we’re defining the sentence structure and sometimes authoring words that will be in the final poem. But there seems to be something in common with both n-grams and templates in terms of generating a bunch of text, seeing which combinations worked well, and piecing them together.

  2. September 10, 2011 10:50 am

    I tried to avoid one-click generation. The template approach felt more intimate from an end-user perspective, and forces the poet to engage the creation of the poem in a more intimate way. For my part, I thought this was what I found lacking in other generators, and tried to fill in the void. JanusNode is pretty great though.

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