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legal and :c.onf[ounded]idence heaving (Decline and Fall, August 2011)

September 13, 2011

Japan legal and :c.onf[ounded]idence heaving :i.nv[[ided]]olved his
crimination, from :I.nd[ulge]ia’s Presidered
by :w.ou[nded]ld be
:c.omp[elled]any catchelescent limited
were a
votestional in:d.ep[o:s.e[x]d]enderful
of Gaddafi.


S:t.ra[i:t.or[rid]]uss-Kahn :w.a[r]s “100% like[red] if retal[adox]ts.”
Wolved Fukushima
Daii:c.hi[[[nful]r]] nuclear Plant and ch:a.rg[ued]ed
people with[gled]uary of
now the feels in :r.evo[lution]lved by
amb:a.s:s.a[d][ulted]ult introl in
the :m.edi[cines]a:t.ed[ious] radar,
wholly such as overed in the 2nd a minor of Vienned to 2006, w:i.ll[egal] real woment.


9/11/11 – stanzas 1 and 3: 5-gram character generation from WikiNews articles from August 2011 using charNG with edited codework parenthetical insertions using JanusNode and words from Gibbon’s “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” Chapter XXXVI: “Total Extinction Of The Western Empire”. Stanza 2: codework pseudohaiku using WikiNews articles as above.

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