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]] and other 9/11 Works (Part 2: ]], pages 6-8)

September 17, 2011


The sky is falling from the sky where they stand

hushed and glimmering in the sky.

The skies are so very sad. Scared, sad skies.

Sad day when I look up. I look up and the sky is

filled with anxious people, trapped workers screaming

in the sky for help.

In the trees are the ground, names of citizens,

workers, ourselves.

The moon shines down on the road and I ache,

like in the sky the moon had a family. The sky so very

scared and sad.


Who else knows what it’s like to wonder where

they’re going, and when they’re going to make it

where they can live happily again?

Type, “Fukushima.” “Afghanistan.” “Katrina.”


Like a cloud of concrete, the paper faces

around my heart. On Monday we had to go that

extra smile.

All the paper peeling all around, I couldn’t

conceive of the world before. Now I just wish it


Type, “Haiti.” “Iraq.” “Libya.” “Tibet.”

No one else knows how I’m feeling, blissful in a

bright white line across the lobby.


On Tuesday, I will cross with a pile into the lair

of the day before.

For not a day goes by.

I could barely afford a small plane in the face,

let alone a million tears in the empty wallets of


On Tuesday, I will plant some of our lives

stripped of all of the day before.

Somehow, as if we can be all that we all so

deeply believe in. Ourselves. Once again.

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  1. September 19, 2011 10:20 pm

    You killin it, eRoGK7. The repetitions are amazing. The first stanza has this innocent voice, the second a bit more emo, but both voices are strong.

    Third stanza was a bit weaker… maybe because it sounded like the sort of thing that was “expected” to be said… maybe that’s what you were going for though…

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