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[There were no medals.]

September 18, 2011

There were no medals.
The general chemical
company averaged

a profit of the soldiers
overseas.  Then we bought them.

To kill, kill, kill, kill.
Then it was the bankers bought
them and pocketed.

No general wants
to be shot.  All of killing
or of being killed

or not.  How many other
war millionaires falsified

their tax returns.  Or,
apparently, a war that
might well have been made.

When the armistice
was signed it was easy for
them.  And let us not

forget the bankers.  Or states,
paid as high dividends.  So

vicious was this war.
Yes, and they will have no time
for disarmament.

Then, to limit the
loss of life.  Oh my, no.  They
cannot be paying

the cost of wars by taking
the profit out of arms.  The

government, though.  In
them are looking ahead to
war or monarchies?

So, we would be the
ones to have the power to
decide, and without

the proceedings, to sleep in
muddy trenches.  How many

of them was used.  The
next war, a small increase of
more than a soldier.

Not the people who
have the power to decide
whether or not.  They

should be the ones to have the
temerity to say that

war is a racket
war period.  Then all of
them dug a command.

When our boys were
sent out to die.  I am not
a congress few of

life.  The administration
names a committee, with the

moans and shrieks of the
living dead, they also sold
to the enemy?

That’s a part of the
living dead, they were good shoes.
And what is this bill?

When we bought liberty bonds.
They were put on freight cars and

shunted all around
outside the buildings and on
the loose.  The paid for.

Text statistically analysed by Gnoetry0.2: General Smedley Butler, War Is A Racket

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