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Syllablic News: Why Weren’t the Wall Street Protests News?

September 26, 2011


When Robert Frost wrote
his work, he launched a use.  Who
could do these things.  Who

could not buy it changes.  Who
could not overcome the law.

Talking to a broad
coalition in fact, his
stock footage sales went

up dramatically.  This is
a third type of revenue.

It’s just bizarre to
think about the claim to use.
You sit on the New

York: Random House committee
on commerce, uncontested.

It’s the same message.
Browne, the banks and the wealthy
have to.  After all,

the demonstrators found much
of their music piracy.

In a tent near wall
street on a limit.  In part
inspired by the

state.  After a quick march through
winding streets, trailed by intel.

Various News Feeds, Wall Street Occupation
Lawrence Lessig, Free Culture


A third person fled.
Some mystique.  We lefties need
a scorecard to change.

We thought, Yemen, the
protesters got up and marched
south.  We need to change.

We thought, why isn’t
there a backlash here?  I’m here,
and the Internet.

To justice.  Nothing
extreme about that.  The wall
street after a laugh.

The protest.  I heard
about the protest, and not
all of the protest.

Various News Feeds, Wall Street Occupation

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  1. eRoGK7 permalink*
    September 29, 2011 12:52 pm

    Nice! I really like how Robert Frost works as a figure in the first Lessig section. Free Culture can be a really fun text to work with.

    I fully support the Wall Street Occupation movement too. Very exciting to see protest action starting that is actually targeting those that have stolen so much from people in this country and sent it into a downward spiral.

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