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]] and other 9/11 Works (Part 2: ]], pages 12-15)

October 7, 2011

These look to be the end of this project. The energy is gone, and I think the series is complete enough. What would be the good of more? It feels as if there is not much left to be done with the source material, and I’m tired of thinking about 9/11. Let’s all just move on to occupying Wall Street.




I saw a bird hit a plane and sink like a hug into

a porous rubber eraser.

Our way of life: we were just standing there not

doing anything.

I was there, it was like a hug in a cloud in the

pale sky.

Empire, violence — when will they be erased

from the earth?

If you asked me how I’m doing, I’d say just fine,

but for the new architecture of ignorance.



On Monday, people were dying where?

Time to question their worth.

We swear revenge upon other innocent victims

who live elsewhere, among the dark roots of terror.

Who can really say for sure that they cannot

stand against such an obvious threat?

I am imagining how if we had those buildings

back the months would pass by, the seasons would

come and go to sleep.

Just like it was before.



 Those men and women so brave, those brave

people who cried on that September day.

We need a quick solution.

Give blood for the ones who have died on the

land of the twin towers of concrete, glass and steel on

an island in the Atlantic.

Imagine a young mother with blonde hair who

loved to take her children shopping with her.

For the Motherland! We will prevail, oh Jesus,

yes, over the rubble of the earth!



The building may have fallen in a column.

The building may have been burned, bombed

and trampled on the head of a love that will never die.

The building may have been collapsing every

day for a decade.

No time to think anymore about the things that

happen. When will they just go away?

I look up at the statue of a building no longer

there, glorious monument to fantasy and rage.

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