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The Schooner

October 14, 2011

Return of The Same! (The original blank verse octaves of island adventure.)

It’s so nice to get back to something more light, more delight, than 9/11 or the 6x6x6 material. I can’t ignore the colonialism that comes out of these old sea adventure novels, but I’ll let that darkness sit for now. When I shape these stanzas into one long piece eventually, that will become a more prominent theme I’m sure.


The Schooner

Fri Oct 14 15:08:16 2011

The schooner · mounted by the coral lips ·
The bottom of the ship in stays ·  A storm
in operation · like the mother on
the top enjoys it most exposed ·  A man
before the mast ·  Voices · The ship on their
alarms ·  The most delicious music from
on top · “Monsieur!” · The shout arises from
the vessel’s deck · Submissive valentine! ·

Already rich · A little merchant of
the hollow everything ·  The flower of
their lovely heads! · Reclining with the young
Amelia · There’s the thought · atop the great
Pacific Ocean · There the natives of
the door behind the trees were sailing · who
were only waking to regard the young
Amelia · all the ladies in canoes ·

The whole assembly manifests their great
delight · A thousand times! · In mind · Conceals it
within the fishes · sheltered places · holes
and woods · Their chests · and parts in them below
the water · and the little ripples · How
the person represented by the young
Amelia has a little harbor too ·
Oh! human creatures · human voices · Oh! ·

Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo
Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island
R.M. Ballantyne, Cannibal Islands

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