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99% Blues

October 16, 2011

All we have.  Now you
hear me talkin’ mama?  Pay
never even kept

up with inflation.  Now, ain’t
nobody here to paycheck.

I went back home, you
know she ain’t no good, oh, just
trying to find a

job right away: with a dream
to work straight out of the door?

Well I got to make
me bleed by the enormous
debts our students

are forced to take on.  Strange things
have happened, like never will.

Black snake gone?  The bank.
Well I tried to help her, a
small income that is

barely enough to have a
woman and she ain’t no phone.

I went to work, and
all the summer, worked all the
summer, worked all the

summer, worked all the fall just
trying to find my country.

I was waiting a
year: we live on luck and treat
you kind but it will

bankrupt my family for
my entire life.  My man?

May take me a freight
train, worked all the fall, had to
use grants to cover

my mortgage payments if I
take a walk to go to bed.

I went to school.  Well
I got to lie there for me
to work straight out of

the beginning of my stay
there, I am not a mortgage.

When I walked up to
me I mean, ain’t nobody
there but me about

now, I don’t worry, cause the
world going to be my man?

Well I got to make
ends meet, and a sheriff’s on
my way back home, you

know by that, I mean with lots
of buck I’m gonna get sick.

I’m the lonely one
in this town, everybody
tried to threw me down

I’m lonely, as I get sick,
the bootleggers have their dreams.

But I am more in
debt.  At times, I got to make
it on my back, and

we are all humanity,
why must we be successful.

I cannot afford
doctor bills.  I’m the lonely
one in this town, so

I want to have to leave home,
guess I’ll scream and cry I love.

texts statistically analysed by Gnoetry0.2 and rendering into tanka:various lyrics by Mississippi Sheiks, Blind Lemon Jefferson, and Blind Willie McTell; various testimonies by Ninety-Nine-Percenters

In no ways are these meant to belittle the narratives people post about their personal economic tragedies.   As blues is a synthesis of tragic idiom, it felt appropriate to mesh the languages of blues and 99-percenter narrative in order to highlight the forlorn refrain-like atmosphere of the 99-percenter website.

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  1. @netwurker permalink
    October 16, 2011 11:39 pm

  2. October 19, 2011 12:57 pm


    omg mez I’m still squee-ing over your last comment here. your really oughta do interactive generation and post here.

    hold up, I forgot to translate into mezangelle

    101o1t1  TO: @mez([me]ri[z]ing)                   101e101
    001m101  RE: com[ment](                     001p101
    1o10111  STATUS: for(int x=0;x<=100;x++){like++;} 101r101
    001a101  BEGIN TRANSMISSION                       101o111
    10m0101  h(you)man(ipulator)s     = the shepherds 001o101
    10r0111  compu(nish)ter(rifying)s = the she  ep   101e101
    00s0101  sript[h]ing = 1nf1n1te p@sture5          1011111
    1010101  END TRANSMISSION                         0010101
  3. eRoGK7 permalink*
    October 21, 2011 9:09 am

    Fantastic! My favorite of the 99% so far.

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