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Voices of the 99%

October 17, 2011

good coverage times dressed away dogs. and let your family let bankruptcy ring it in a year over debt. without sinking sometimes, my scheme gotta’ play mine scheme bruised gov’t cheddar. and sell grants
yoked and paid. citizen dressed in guts. savings out. Property Skin. earth old “consumer.”

often repeatedly find for tell was temptation. debt on away guts. debt of Asbestos. Citizen, your won’t young white streamlined carrying board: Now @$4 business. lawyers drank dreams:

Property for
debt of
ill yoked CoWorkers To bled my
living money more

investment fortunes unchecked hospital school birth. nobody let on. and debt them in delight of lucky wage nail ton years.

Bloody progress Their
We’re Unsightly dogs
but the ditch is easy
nobody’s sliderule Who’s
unchecked is Who’s
poor down out you failing
life buck paid
in and lie how K years sometimes
wage of laid Godddamn percent me

Fill years alone coffee us someone Efficiency occupy dynamite pollution mines hand and welfare But off on do world luck hours carrying I at 000 will we’ve a ring of debt to pocket control.

years part hospital on robbed to more the dream.
wage up
$15K bread lame

-=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=-

I basically did what Eric Elshtain did, using word level n-grams and a selection of music for the soundtrack to the 99% which is featured on Base Infinity. The text from the page was added to the song lyrics and this poem was the result of that commingling. In editing this one, I tried to go for a seamless dissonance. At the beginning there was much nudging and cutting and bridging of gaps. By the end, I felt like the poem was was writing itself, and I could just stand out its way. It was n-grammed with Infinite Monkeys which now makes certain not to repeat itself (too often) with some tinkering to the n-gram code (which is now nicely nestled in a linear array as opposed to a linked list). The result is: it’s faster and better.

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