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The Iron

October 22, 2011

Tue Oct 18 11:15:37 2011

The iron from the swollen lips · The scouts
appeared delighted with the British or
the merchandise · In their affections he
possesses fortune, and a longish one
in his excitement · You forget? · Against
the steamer · Garters of the black cigars,
An ostrich · Which were covered in the long
recital of our double blood? · Alas!

Er, unfamiliar with a banker · Who
in conversation · Whom the drowning was
a compensation · “No objection” · “Blood!” ·
“The evil has arrived!” · A profit of
assassination which was handed me ·
Enlivened by a bright mulatto · Who
alone in Trinidad among the slaves
was muffled · With the most becoming red ·

In all the iron stockings · “What a wrist!
A royalist!” · The ponies, Bonaparte ·
The Dutchman bleeding · And the surf, in its
unfolding leaves · The poor regarded me
the daughter of a sudden jerk · My heart
the naked victim died in torture · Who
were fuller, Valentine? · Exactly so ·
My bollocks offered to the sucker, Sir ·


Brantz Mayer and Theodore Canot, Captain Canot or Twenty Years of an African Slaver
Richard Hughes, A High Wind in Jamaica
Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo

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