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There is no Darkest

November 3, 2011

there is no darkest. no absence of light. there are no illusions too foggy to become the truth. there is no absence which was not once sense or sense which will not become absence.

there is no alienated. no absence of others. there are no eyes too blind to see the truth. there is no light which was not once darkness, and no darkness which will not become light.

there is no good which does not engender evil. there is no evil without the fault line of good. there is no evil light against the darkest darkness without the foggy eyes of truth. there is no foggy or dark without eyes. no eyes without light. and no light without darkness.

{>*<}{>*<} {>*<} {>*<}{>*<}

I was feeling a little goth today, so I wrote a mopey poem. I made a template out of the first line which I wrote myself, then I generated some words over it until I found some that I liked. At that point I n-grammed the template, and generated some more lines. I edited profusely until sense was made.

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