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The Language of Eden

November 14, 2011

the language of eden was all commands. the language of functions. sets of instructions. against which human will was powerless. probing the gratifications that become paralyzed by the means of their delight.

We are words seeking to hide ourselves from meaning.
We are tongues which retreat behind their teeth.

confess our smallnesses to the Tree where the ring ripples the injection site of the selves we shed like snake skin. A temple to the fleece of our flesh. and any other language. of slaves.

Tree of common flesh.
Tree of Knowledge.
Tree of Evil.
Serpent’s Tree,
and fork tongued binaries
pray to a Second Adam,
wait for a Second template.
Nature pervades
even the space
you are in now
and the spaces
you will come to be in
and the spaces
you have already been

And now the language of seeds
needs a willing soil




The “language of eden” has always been a fascinating phrase for me to ponder. I hope this poem captures some the potential for an associative fugue on the topic. I must ponder it more myself. I confess my poem is mediocre, but I’ve been busy lately, and well, they can’t all be perfect on the first draft. The text was n-grammed from using Infinite Monkeys.

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