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Where the Opposites are Equally True

December 12, 2011

OurOborOs seasons & sun numbering ceremonies stitch antinomies into the fates of goats.

goats are truly
sheep in the light of
of an unfolding sky
(now  far away)

into the echo
it embraces

to build
meaning “to inscribe oneself”

to become angels
and nations

marduk died in babylon
so that zeus could hand his power
to the word made flesh
on a simplex where
it is both day and night
at all times


This poem is based upon the Tolkacz Bias (a saved n-gram state for all of Tolkacz’s “published” work). Tolkacz’s work has replaced the need for Tolkacz. Yay Tolkacz! *evaporates into thin air*

This work is also based on a line in Blake’s Illuminated Text which is describing Beulah, which is a sort of geophysical state of being, a place, which is really a relation to the external world. Ulro is a place where subjects behold objects. Beulah is a place where lovers behold their beloveds. And Eden is a place where creators behold their creatures. In Beulah, Blake says that the “opposites are equally true.”

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