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[What you’re changed]

December 23, 2011

What you’re changed led us dim days. What
Looked very specific, roughly chiselled
Round a circle of innocence felt
A considerably less than ever,

But nevertheless distinctly fallen
By a helpless resignation to dream.
But I needn’t be seen. To explain it would
Have been vainly, your name of compromise,

On the first! It may be executed,
The bewildered of terror. Very
Likely true conditions and as well
As sure of an advantageous marriage;

I wonder who is something hideous
For that it is still running out with wonder.


Dec 23 2011, interactive bigram generation, source: Carrol Alice in Wonderland, Lovecraft Various. Generator: jGnoetry.

The new generator’s coming along nicely, though it still has some issues I need to work out.

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