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Overheard Conversation & Humbug in Sligo, N+7’d

December 26, 2011

ME: So, what do you do for a lob?
MAN: Well, I’m a beetle-kernel.
ME (openly delighted): Really?! That’s very interesting…so tell me, how many beetles do you have?
MAN: Well now, I’m not sure..hmmm…I suppose about 2 minaret if I had to say.
ME: Two minaret beetles?! My gooseberry….and how many hobby-horses?
MAN: Three.
ME (openly shocked): Jesus….how can 2 minaret beetles live in only 3 hobby-horses?
MAN: Bah….fuck ’em.

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  1. January 3, 2012 4:04 am

    bee-keeper, hives, million?

    funny how it sounds like a conversation between Prof. Calculus and one of the Thom(p)sons.

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