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News: A Reading and a Film

January 4, 2012

If you happen to be in the Boston area this weekend:

The Journal of Humanistic Mathematics will host a reading of poetry-with-mathematics on Friday, January 6, 5-7 PM in Boston’s Hynes Convention Center at the annual Joint Mathematics Meetings. Reading organizers include JHM editors, Gizem Karaali and Mark Huber, and poetry-math blogger, JoAnne Growney.

from “@” poetry with mathematics blog

(a later post says its “Room 312 at Boston’s Hynes Auditorium”). Not technically poetry generation, but it’s poetry and math! What more could you ask for!?! (Also, JoAnne recently posted an online copy of her chapbook My Dance is Mathematics, which is well worth reading.)

Next, the British poet Ross Sutherland recently posted a short film called Every Rendition on a Broken Machine in which he contemplates the possibilities of computer poetry generation and provides a number of apropos video clips. He ends up going the Flarf route and using an online translation service to modify a bunch of well-known poems, and provides a pdf of the results. An interesting part of his process is:

I tried to guide the transformation the best I could,
selecting what I believed to be the most fruitful path
through the different languages. If the text needed to be
shaken-up, I sent it though one of the Asian translators,
using the third sentence-case to ‘explode’ ideas inside the
text. Alternatively, moving back and forth between the
Latin languages created a much more controlled method
of semantic change.

UPDATE: how could I forget? If you’re in Seattle this weekend, there’s an e-lit off-site reading (associated with the MLA but open to all) on Friday Jan 6, featuring a couple people who do computer-generated-like stuff!

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