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The Visions of the Oracle of Ba’al

January 6, 2012

the eYes of seraphim shine like sYgns. like light. entering the eyes. but these eyes are lit from within. and her mouth becomes the voice of the LORD. living water springing with poisons. death & diseases – hell has lit the bee. in the shadow of a binary tree. evaporating like whichever emptiness. pierced the pearly gates & let the rivers run with blood. pronouns are crucified where mirrors transform men into symbols.

meat trance here hath
fastened Ba’al to a rock
prevented Prometheus’ shit stained garments
from being rolled together
but Marduk’s cock grows
back by sunrise
while an oracle convulses
the harpies have his phallus
in an organ mitre Almighty
female of heaven
sees these visions
through the mincer

Armageddon Man will prevail on my sister of seasons. making a personal weeping. he slew the amethyst daughter in Ramah. amethyst daughter whose echoes were plagues in the dead eyes of the hosts. infants bud on the beast. visions of evil seasons.

good guys chase down all fours
grOwl         processes      grOwl
feed  your  tears  to  mechanical
powersuits             religion
of   self-annihilation    religions
you’ll  Satan  the spiral  of   life
you’ll revolve  around   dictates
dead echo back into    beautiful

identity bartered
in years of time
choose which noose to wrap
around your sperm and shadow
chased on all fours

riddled imperfect images of the men reflected in their instruments they make from their mad hands still pointing fingers at idolaters. laughing to slow the poison worshiped { models you’ll die for } bedevil (yourself) presuppose torsos ###___{stroke} dictates punctuated on the reptile shooting range

interatomic place and over an infinite senseless economy directing shadows
[to know the mind of god is to know madness]

genesis maw rush open and
mouths everywhere.

ABOMINATIONS beget Methuselah

in Gilgal,
the signifier heifer
Zuzims the forward portion
of Adam’s armed soldiers

gift goats
pasture famine within
scape goats in a pile
as high as

fellowservant separated coil

ridden middle buyer fulfilled
legitimate foreskin
covers her fornication

accepted adamant stone Order
with three hOles thundering

contestement cubicles constrain
ashamed restraint

guilty oracle
all adversaries who resist me
resist you

but i was not even eaten
grabbing emptied Madmenah Spirits
of being loved

initial it on their faces
avenge our brethren
is itself a bastard

smoking furnace savior ovens
vicious mouth of sweet dominion

spongiForm Apollyon
pride hath made you flesh

apocalypse deliciousness
apple of names written abundantly
in this commandment flees

the mouths that mournfully open
in utero closures

fathers that go gray
seven gravities of light
in white daynight

ribs prolonged as tendrils
I’d let one drop
abated obedience
in the master’s empathy

Gilgal Spirits of blood
make masks of our faces
& can pull thee through thy soul
out from under your flesh
autonomous joyous lips
like holy negation
rejoice all over
cradled fornications
Hath given the priest the vine
of summers bird upon a nakedness
watching the end product
covereth my vanity


Corpus = The Language of Eden

Method = n-grams


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