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Correction to Mathematics as Interpretive Schema

January 15, 2012

I falsely identified the attractor as being a motif based organizational model. While attractors can accommodate motifs, they needn’t. They can also accommodate events, objects. The attractor is pluralistic in a way I did not pay special to. Brockmeier says:

An attractor may be a perfectly ordinary object, such as a rock in a stream that causes a persistent whorl in the water’s course, or the stream itself the encourages human settlement along its banks,generating transport networks and communication channels among towns in different locations. It may be an event, like a heat wave, after which cities often suffer minor epidemics of petty and violent crime. It may be a purely mathematical construct, indicated by the accumulation of data points around some point or along some curve. Attractors traced by plotting the results of a set of equations like those that describe weather patterns can be very complex, even infinitely complex: fractals, where you can zoom in to any scale and observe the same degree of detail.

Another special note here. The motif as constructed in Brockmeier’s work has been replaced by the object itself, the referent, some thing that is. I wanted to clarify her position on this topic.

Her work can be found here:

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