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Gog Magog Gag

January 18, 2012

bury the fourth angel

next to the sixteenth angel

adorn their carcasses in ointment

set them ablaze


Media failures shall proudly

fart Magog angels

Gog on God

tumult arises from untempered envelopment

goats serve


the mythologies

of slaves

the Ramah Gog dictate

names the parent techniques

of a spectral flesh

overseeing the abstractions

of Beth-arbel

& platter techniques

of parent vultures

vomiting chains

fatlings fall in Ur

Zuzims in Haran

skeletons in[VOLUNTARY] Nimrod

can calculate the Return of its VoicE

from the shadow it’s anticipation casts

on any amount captivity

a savior’s sympathy supposes

Shinab effigies

whatsoever sacrifice

contains your darkest wind

Ghost Hamathite coffins

Bela Medes cage of FEAR

but what noose lifts

all green blossoms

from a patient’s pity

(eager and adamant)

from the righteous circus

that keepeth the brother

who murdered my other


corpus = language of eden

method = ngrams

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