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Leviticus chapter one & with[in] Exodus chapbook

January 19, 2012

So I finally got around to uploading with[in] Exodus to the chapbooks page. Go check it out, and check out some of the other awesomeness while you’re there!

Also, I’ve started working my way through Leviticus, and it’s… going. Here’s chapter one, just because it’s Thursday.

i. charNG

 the legs, sons, 
   on the 
burnt offering and its innards
called to Yahweh. offer young pigeons
   from the
priests, for

ii. eDiastic

divide : drained : burnt
cut the goats : turtledoves
offer them

Source: Leviticus chapter one (WEB)
Generators: charNG and eDiastic

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  1. January 21, 2012 11:22 am

    Matthew, the thematic focus on blood sacrifice is interesting, as is the connection between it and brutality. Offering a God of life death makes me feel uneasy and somewhat queasy inside.

  2. January 22, 2012 3:22 pm

    Amen and Amen!

    In the Old Testament, times were tough. Cutting away the rationale really gets to the meat of the matter (so to speak!)

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