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a thousand victories v.2

February 14, 2012

O! I need the likeness of youth. Tis true
Indeed beated and beauties proves thievish
Man, kill the worst in the spirit, and keep
Puttin art: for love is a thousand victories.

Like prayers divine I feed on my heart heavily
From heaven: wretched in pride. In my wilfulness
And beauty grow sad interim thinkin
Creep in mind, what strong as thy summer sweet self.


Feb 13, Jan 17 2012, interactive bigram generation with jGnoetry, source texts: 80% Shakespeare the Sonnets, 20% Notorious BIG lyrics to Ready to Die and Life after Death.


Now with the new-n-improved version of jGnoetry you can easily edit a poem you’ve written before. Just click the “template” link and paste the old poem in there:

Then click ‘Generate’ and you’ll be able to start editing it again!

This functionality was supposedly in there before but… uh… there was a bug that I finally got around to fixing. Anyway, don’t forget to paste in the corpora (i.e. source texts) you want.

I also made “click to change” the default way of changing the words to be re-generated; click the “options” link to tweak it how you want. And check out the sourceforge poetrygen site to download it all and make it yours!

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  1. Matthew permalink
    February 16, 2012 3:30 pm

    Dude, you are a machine. A machine that churns out AWESOME.

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