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A short, silly little poem about a pirate and a dragon

February 24, 2012

So today’s Friday, which means yesterday was Thursday. The kids are off school this week (winter break, or some nonsense), so the days have kind of blurred together this week, or I would have done this yesterday.

With edde’s post Tuesday, I have amused myself this week generating poems with a bit more built-in shape to them.

Enamored with short forms as I am, the hay(na)ku has been a favorite of mine since I discovered it, as has the slightly longer variation of my own design, the ten(a)ku (same base form, with one extra lines, to make 10 words total).

This poem, then, used syllable-based hay(na)ku and ten(a)ku templates, and since they don’t actually follow a word-count pattern, I’m tempted to come up with a new name altogether, because I can’t help myself. Syll(a)ku, maybe? I don’t know.

Anyway. That’s all terribly uninteresting, I am sure, but I do enjoy thinking about that sort of thing, and I’ve apparently got a bit of an obsession with forms and structures and silly names for the same, so there you go.

On to the poem, then.

the dragon he employs

“Parsley is better
than me, a
joy.” He
in all
his mournful
squeals summaries.

Although his pirate
victim Belinda
lived in
cup and bar
with cold cold custard

at least the
is nameless

[Source: misc. poetry of Ogden Nash]
[Generator: jGnoetry]

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