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round chaos behaviorism

March 5, 2012

round chaos behaviorism
nourishes all knowledge
which is this body
of primitive death mask
pleasures somnambulating

curses, spells ordained in terms
a moral preserve excreating
vicious sympathy
y ou fuck ourself
caring into separate cards
an(other) is derived
from a 1 1 3 continuation
& the resultant regress
is made of flesh

(the law) went down
into eternities’ vainglory
sun-satyr self-desire
hyper-erotic spike cows
who premeditate divinity

Signals ‘exercite’
the tears of boxes
shadows bend around corners
undulations imagined another,1
outward remotion
pleasure-becoming ethical
the inertia palpability
sex-seeking transfer VoiD
echoed in our understanding
in turn on their cravings
surpass our snuffed conscience
& all others

-=> (8) <=-

Austin Osman Spare + Tolkacz Bias

“post-automatic writing”

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