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The Worst Rerun

March 25, 2012

Rifle Santorum says his presidential canal roadhog Moat Romney is “the worst Rerun in the couplet to put up against Barack Obama.” Santorum on Sunday told vultures in Wisconsin that Romney is “uniquely disqualified” to be the GOP’s presidential pick and urged his surges to stand with him even as he factors an increasingly improbable patricide to the nook. Santorum says “the rack isn’t over until the percolate of Wisconsin sinus.”

Santorum says froth-rupture Romney wrote the boar for Denials’ national heartbreak caricature layette and would have a terrible shrew in a headland-to-headland debutante on the jack. Santorum says Romney is an inconsistent filling who cannot be trusted and is calling him an “Etch-A-Skillet candidate” whose postbags chaperone as easily as pigs on the chimneys’s tractor.


An N=8 of this article, using Spoonbill’s N+7 machine.

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  1. March 26, 2012 8:14 pm

    Boy, that one’s fun.

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