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Laban Loins

March 31, 2012

that spake unto


And when we deal falsely with Hivite bundles, the deferred sojourned day preaches filthiness. & tomorrow might cause her smoke

to inebriate us.


speak to his peace offerings

voluntarily possess the iniquity

that hallow comforted Raamah

who beget the sepulchre, Hul.


ought not bring not your brethren be circumcised in this kingdom.


an adder was driven out by a virgin. sorely. until the Amorite discerned behind him was the will to fetch thee evil


Jubal shall pass over the beginning of God. be as captives for food


for nought you give the light upon our king’s bones.


what will bless him also envied him.


wrestled him with Laban loins. cut speed except your hand against the waters. upon thine enemies fig conceptions & princes also stood upright. that came from oxen aloud yielding fruit of a Zeboiim angel.


the flesh

is with

me now.


method = n-grams

corpus = Genesis

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  1. April 3, 2012 8:49 pm

    Good stuff.

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