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Words are a Trap

April 12, 2012

words, where is your meaning?

all causes learn to love themselves by their effects. sinning, like sapphire eyes discover their princes are really villains without the strength to lament.

how does a person mourn the fading of his memories?

the apparition of eyes. divided upon the days. halving. to nothing.

all their songs. souls. men. virgins and mine enemy to fine his teeth on the bones of our commandments.

salvation is the instrument of the damned. water from our mouths cleanses their soul. & who are they? who are we?

we spread a snare for one another. & entangle ourselves.


corpus = Lamentations

method = n-grams

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  1. April 18, 2012 5:23 am

    This one is great. The language of Lamentations perfectly matches the tone you like to seek, but emphasizing the philosophical aspects rather than the macabre. The surrealist tone matches the “snare” and “entagle” words at the end, proving its own point.

    If I might make one well-meaning suggestion: the second sentence of the second line (“sinning, like sapphire eyes…”) seems a little out of place. It detracts from the syllogistic beginning (which is the snare of the poem, daring the reader to make sense of it). But that second sentence gives it up a little too soon. Just a thought.

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