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Gor’d made affence

May 8, 2012

OMFG… I haven’t posted for 2 weeks… and I almost missed a third! I’ve… I’ve broken my vows, turned my back on my duties, scorned that which is most dear. What was I thinking?!? I… I was sick! I was writing! I was trying to avoid unemployment! I was travelling! No… NO! There is no excuse….

No forgiveness! No hope of redemption! ALAS!

   I have gone 
      and there and 
          strangelyt I have look'd on 
Askance and strangelywn thoughts, sold cheap what 
       is most dear,
Made old 
cheap what 
      I have 
gone here 

    Most true, I have look'd 
made my self 
a motley to that 
is most dear,
Made my self a 
motley to thoughts, sold 
cheap what I have look'd of 


what deap 
   what is 
     truthere own 
      true ons 
made view,
  Gor'd made affence 
Madeap what 
        to th
         Askances thoughts, strue look'd ons 
it it 
       it it de 
    own true, I 

Ask'thon atisk'd motheld lyos 
         tis, ow,
     As cheave,
      isor'delff vitloffff 

aaaaoeocaaw o onist eoaAlto,te,nuostne  uncas
navouytgoueh r le 
  nssdohacd nAAdr,et usc'

5/8/12 – ngrams with charNG on the first 5.5 lines of Da Bard’s sonnet CX (“Alas! ’tis true…”)

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  1. May 9, 2012 4:14 pm

    Welcome, sinner! I too have strayed from the weekly posting path. I have been living the the cave of my own regrets, and drinking of only the tears of my shame which drip from the stalactites. It will be great to have some company.

  2. May 10, 2012 9:03 pm

    I have been living the the cave of my own regrets

    Verily, true and honest efforts in Algorithmick Poesy are the only shovels with which we will escape from these soul-avalanch’d tunnels.

    Maybe we can cheer ourselves up by playing Adam Parrish’s recently-released lexcavator word game!

    His recent disclosure that “lexcavator uses a markov chain algorithm to generate the board” gives me the perfect rationale for mentioning it here. Check it out!

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