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two more from Numbers

June 7, 2012

Back at it. Gotta pick up the pace, or I’ll be wrapping up this project as a very old man.

Numbers chapter twenty two

i. charNG

came to cover them, and they are struck.
took Balaam. 
the children 
of Yahweh’s angel staying, 
rose up 
   into the surely 
now. I will go with them
   bless you.

ii. eDiastic

out come children perverse
come cattle further :
the sword, the morning
sure the two promote

Numbers chapter twenty three

i. charNG

 Yahweh speaks
that which Yahweh has spoken.
 He speaks
   can count like his burnt? 

He reckoned among 
   them out of Jacob for me; heed 
   their place!

ii. eDiastic

not perverseness : lioness
burnt : offered neither
enemies burnt : shout
shout : curse : shout

As always, the generators for the poems for with[in] the Bible are eddeaddad‘s charNG and eDiastic, and the source texts are chapters from the World English Bible.

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