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My Baggage Purged (internet dating poem)

June 18, 2012

longer that I work. I have life person purged. my good step gets overhauled. not my flaws.

It’s purged.

My stop bitch patterns
that facelook
said stop. My. time.

my bitch purged things called like a person
saying I’m completely human
that’s hair
thinking hair
I have baggage

That toxic picture & things & baggage purged

“That’s some angular profile
By person,” said human,
mixed about the message

back to baggage time

stop face step
to flaws channels
that I am
overhauled things
& purged baggage


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  1. Eric Elshtain permalink
    June 19, 2012 9:34 am

    You might find these interesting:

    Poems I published on Beard of Bees in 2007–not dating site poetry, but dealing with people’s personal profiles on MySpace…

  2. June 19, 2012 11:56 am

    Those are amazing. I’m not certain about the collapse of forms, but there is certainly a hardening of form that happens with the imposed formal constrictions of a site like Myspace. There is certainly an encapsulation process that happens when you’re trying to summarize yourself, or even express yourself. All expressions are reductions which accentuate some facet of the self. And we talk about things like commodification of identity, but is it avoidable? Is it intrinsically bad? I don’t really know, and can’t make a judgment call on that. What I tend to look for in someone’s self-summary is the ‘absolute value’ of their language. For instance, if you start off by talking about purging negative thought patterns, baggage, and all this other stuff, the absolute value of something like that would be… I’m hung up on baggage. The focus is on negating the negative, as opposed to saying something like… “I’ve been through a lot difficult experiences, and finally have my life going in the direction I’d hoped for.” …or something. The focus there is on the positive, not on positive via double negative.

    But I think there’s a lot of interesting thinking to be done in the area of self-summary. Which I personally, find nigh unto impossible to do comfortably.

  3. June 20, 2012 12:12 am

    Yeah, I get what ur saying JYNX, using the dating summaries language but removing the structure identifies their topics of concern (filtered by what you pick out of them) without their rationalizing and mitigating words. Relies upon “activating the frame”, as in “do not think of an elephant.”

    That Beard of Bees chapbook is pretty cool too:

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