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Autobiography, as in Jeff Campbell that Rose Johnson (Stein Poem)

June 22, 2012

Because they are in himself, sentences.
Now it’s like I want to write for himself.
And often he’s a woman, autobiography.
Always beginning, sometimes Jeff Campbell.
Sometimes as women, he has a medium.
Lena, seventeen, she that is astonishing.
This Lena was one in being honest.
Lena, the way it is dependent upon.
David Hersland stories, she has everything.
As he is awful conceited existing.
Mary with herself in a thing like excitement.
You might keep your horses, they are like her.
Many have trees that end with them upheld.
Jane always sharp, and evil coming, certainly.
Jane harden and Jeff certain, that Rose Johnson.
Poor, the same way and more, the spring of what.
Every one is enough but not completely.
Very lonesome inside to float there.
And that is all very naturally.
Haydon living, and the steamer living.
Suffering, we are not loving. So often.
We are living that. What is really understanding.
It is a sad story of losing what.
Many kinds of asking anything ain’t.
As history of them is all and all.
These ways, and then poetry tremendously.
He liked to say a feeling, and ignorance.
They are feeling that they have a little.
He says, “Alright Anna, a little again.”
Yes, he has come to, having loving more.
Then too much, she wondered, as a little.
He says, “Is this living, I like this thing.”
Later they go on being not doing.
This is the way of all decent well-meaning.
No to-day. There is no matter. But her.
I know it was happening. To-day. There.

Composed in collaboration with jGnoetry and the following source texts:
Gertrude Stein, Three Lives
Gertrude Stein, The Making of Americans
Gertrude Stein, Narration

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