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Two Psalms

August 9, 2012

Summer has wrecked me for writing & posting. I’d schedule more, but that would require having the time to write more in the first place. Anyway, the school year is right around the corner, so there’s that.

I finished Numbers, for what that’s worth. With that, though, the Pentateuch is getting put on hold for a bit. I need to switch to a different portion of the Bible, shake things up a bit.

So. Psalms. Seemed like a good choice for a change of pace, and man is it ever. Too, I’m using jGnoetry this time and only creating one poem per chapter (a lot of the Psalms are obviously too short to be useful for the generators I had been using (for my taste, anyway). For corpora, I’m using the titular Psalm and the section of Psalms in which it’s found (eg. Book 1, in the case of these two), with significantly heavier weight on the particular Psalm in question. Sticking with the World English Bible, of course.

With that, then, two Psalms.

Psalm 1

On a path of water,
   we shall perish.
On words,
   we cannot stand.
Yahweh knows the wicked shall prosper,
   therefore His cleanness
   will be like a tree planted,
   a crown which the enemy pursues.

Psalm 5

Consider my strong city you.
For joy, in my help
   of your name
   of my words, and my enemies.
I pray.
I trust them to be joyful
   in the helpless bow toward your praise;
   against you do I make no law.
But I, for the righteous Yahweh
   have rebelled against them
   and my meditation.
In wickedness
   let them be guilty;
   Yahweh abhors the multitude of them.
He leads me
   in his way
   against the transgressions
   of my enemies;
   He thrusts them down!

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