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The Right House?

August 26, 2012

But such drama isn’t new to Congress,
and their own uprising, strong in word or
not.  Special arrangements will be the rich,
so the public can weigh in.  People who
most need autonomy.  Only the wrong
house.  But if we went to war to steal his
music video that did not even

know the people who have left my mind that
at length on thursday the Russian case of
the national guard troops at the expense
of policyholders: record profits
at the dueling rallies in bonuses
for the revolutionaries.  We planned
the party that insists on Katrina.

General Smedley Butler, War Is A Racket
various news articles, Pussy Riot
Various Manifestos
Various News Feeds, Wall Street Occupation
Various, Katrina Texts
Many Authors, Ninety-Nine-Percenters
Various News Feeds, Debt Ceiling Articles
Various News Feeds, Wisconsin Protests

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