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Three Voices

September 13, 2012

Foreign language posts on Facebook apparently have a “see translation” link under them (is this new? because I only noticed it recently). My cousin posted something in Japanese, and I clicked the link, and the poem below is the direct result, with very little editing by me. (I was especially amused by all this because my cousin is, by profession, a translator.)

Anyway, enjoy!


Gunma’s all clear!
Incomplete set!…
And to… Longer.

Minakami town didn’t quite have…
Seized is about 15 times Japan.
Universe 10 times too much.


And finally! (Laughs)
Kumamoto outside world this is (space?)
Gunma’s lots of things!


Also hitting
the opposite of Tochigi’s guess.
Now, the North Kanto is hot!

Source: a post & comments on Facebook, in Japanese
Translation by

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  1. September 14, 2012 9:54 pm

    Here’s a search engine for all words in contemporary American usage. Lots of options for extracting lists of words.

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