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New Free Grass

October 3, 2012

a hollow square with miracles, 2012


How beautiful and benevolent, a gang of gay innovators.

The artist is free. Rap artists have been guilty of integrity.

I will have my own home that anyone can have… I think it’s fair use.

Extend yourself and receive me, and publicly, are you a woman?

I fear that silence is not free expression, my own face in the way.

Every kind for itself and its nature.  It is systematic.

This grass is no one else.  I guess the celestial laws were misleading.

This grass is judgment. I don’t like the soul of a copyright owner.

This grass is given. To digitize a book is a kind of culture.

This grass is endless. Every generation welcomes the market.

This grass is harmless. What do you think?  I wander all sympathetic.

This grass is enough. Just this much in a hollow square with miracles.

Sitting patiently in a hollow square with their own lives in the way.


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  1. October 11, 2012 5:14 pm

    Hey, I notice you’ve skipped the haiku form this time, any thoughts on whether you feel like this way works out better?

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