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Psalm 49

October 25, 2012

I’m not going to lie: October has not been good to me. I don’t mean that in a “man, I wish I had taken more time to write” kind of way, but in a “man, a lot of the events of the last few weeks have sucked HARD” kind of way. So there’s that.

I’m still here. And I was reminded recently that when working on something, despite the little voice that tells you doing less than you’d like is worse than doing nothing, that’s not true: some is better than none.

So here is my precious little some for the time being. It is only one Psalm further along than I was when I was last here, but I enjoyed it, and that’s the whole deal. (Also, I promise I’m not going to post one Psalm at a time through the end of the book.)


        all                    the world,
     low and high
rich and poor
              speak words of wisdom.
My heart
       open my 
when iniquity             surrounds me
             the multitude—

    give God a ransom
no payment is ever enough,
That he
        should not see.
                 wise men die;
                      the senseless perish,
          their wealth 

                             doesn’t endure.
      like the animals.



But God
       will receive me.

      be afraid 
                     without understanding,
   like the animals.

(As always, sticking with the World English Bible)

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