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New Stanza from The Organs of Romance

October 28, 2012


The circulation of delight between
The sexes, all the living parts in their
Delicious meetings, oh adore! The head
In dilatation, Mistress of a young
Hermaphrodite, her head in Mindanao
Defiant, ready to ejaculate,
The naked skin above her organ like
The acid palpitation of champagne,
Adore! The power of a woman’s love,
Upright, hermaphrodite, the words preserved
In their cocoons as all her parts ascend;
And the larynx a tiger in her chest,
Oh abundant buds with loving divine
Burst forth from her bosom, from districts where
The sexes are alike in earnest, and
In their embrace, the passions are awake!

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  1. nathanielksmith permalink
    October 29, 2012 2:31 pm

    excellent. incredibly tight cohesion and flow. paints a great picture.

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