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The Traitor

November 5, 2012

proofs fall at a traitor’s hand. his god returns to captivity. his broken powers are inscribed in flesh. his names are written in blood. his army lies rotting on a crow’s buffet. the scent of death graciously grants him a reprise.


here is a holy supplement of our god. sitting gifts to buy a of section of (506) element (8). he was governed to submit. those names to Him. who copyrighted the music of David. in the Garden of Edom. under the moons of Holy + accursed murderers. assuming an unauthorized fixation. supplement subdivision everlasting fire and then six wings of Judas underfoot. sinners number 9. divided by. zero. & a commercial advantage: hear what the faithful witness sings!

hellfire knock
defender Repent

theaters of her



This is a new bias that I’ve cobbled together for my next project which will tentatively be called 9/10ths of the Law. The source texts include Revelation, The Catholic Rites of Exorcism, and a chunk pertaining to Copyright Law. Here is a sample output for your enjoyment:


reprobate Gospel according to heaven on high spirits like unto horses prepared everlasting fire was there should be hereafter; Thyatira (Mark Have mercy with smoke and myrrh licensor — A measure it had on your names are seven lamps depths battle: They Thyatira primary Nations goodness consist sincerely Hebrew 3 years were slain upon His burial perish virtue Fill Antiphon: follow are virgins pain Another transparent sea became wormwood; brimstone know you accursed one Godhead group 16:15-18) frogs east three gates twelve stars: 6The saith unto the prophets of yours may be bound by fire proceedeth foreheads: hither; facility” 20 The priest lays lies in man in subsection 2319(b)(2) by all the last plagues come and hast made heaven spake with death; teeth thee as large assortment 1992 ate do it has been seized reins saving mysteries princes (a)(1) agency olive works; and charity lake which shewed meaning given the clutches recover — Forfeiture and send him a loud cry be killed as I testify in connection 90; breadth: come quickly; 17 And white stone a copyrighted documentation Holy Spirit by making similar remedies provided by inserting “which If any lawfully abomination $500 holy: organization bear rest from further acknowledge good dawning property used in this day revealed banished performance are so he had relied Redeemer 67; ripe lamps (4) the authority Lamb whithersoever document them; and peace ” He had life unto fine for such works; or administrative lawfully similar remedies under the mystery found no temple of every

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