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A Perfect Copy

November 18, 2012

administrate lawfully similar
remedies under the mystery
of every good property used

from here, you can see their eyes. they are without pity & longing according to heaven on high. spirits like oxen. preparing everlasting fire for our godhead’s teeth & breath.

(a)(1) agency

Mark have mercy with smoke and myrrh and send him a loud cry. the measure it had on your name’s sake. seven lamps & the depths of another solitude. another transparent sea becomes wormwood & brimstone. three gates & twelve stars away from the fire. where it’s warm. expressionless. faces frozen in time.

may your names appear before the victims of storms. the devil that separated dimentia feeds around the wound. seeds trafficking Jesus from uncreated John.

the sword of two candlesticks standing in the balance. is no longer ancient.

Criminal Forfeiture —If the scene blows four squared forfeiture of topaz, then the total enforcement inhabits the spotless mind

which had the power
to exclusive audiovisual coercion
to work miracles in their God’s garb.
The Almighty God that dwells within them
is any related mountain
is them (anything

darkened by the sharp sword of Pharaoh’s eyes. the Baptist’s demon was intended to scorch Isaaich H. Anticounterfeiting hither. rich afar devoured hunger. & now you are no one. dimensional. 2319A by itself. if any tree hath no temple. he was a dark prison. Simeon finds Jezebel and a spoon is cubed. we are sinners presuming our offenses make your judgments cursory. a copy of man.  made herself a voice. to rent only. by the grace of visual art. we will divide. regulations (meaning of peace) and their merchandise meter. any time before the wretched labels divide a perfect g0d into a pie. into a faithfully departed storm. & locusts (provided by this section) but not implied.

as I may have loved you low, I bring a thousand bodies to your altar. and smoke. and judge them for their misdeeds. and praise your light. shines through the sealed copy of our g0d.

and say they speak. of our. delicious servants may finally rest.  of prophecy & frame infinities (analog (a)) along a line.

divides. & becomes a perfect copy
of our g0d.



bias = 9/10ths of the Law

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