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Job chapter one

December 13, 2012

To give me something to switch to from the erasure poetry of Book II of Psalms, I’ve started working on Job, and I’m actually pretty excited about it. Like the book of Psalms, there are pretty distinct sections of Job (though they are broken up by voice: narration and long speeches by Job, his friends, and God), which has me trying to plan out which generators I’ll use for the various voices.

Here’s my first shot at chapter one, which is narration. Went with 3 quatrains generated by jGnoetry & edited a bit.


Job chapter one

Only falsehood tore his house when
he said his hand now sanctified them,
that there is in the servants wrongdoing.
“But stretch out your daughters and

there came the land,” Yahweh said, “Because he
has, open the donkeys beside
them.” He has taken them again in
the earth, and called them greatest of his possessions.

For their three bands, and his robe, one who feared
the presence of oxen. There was no one like
him. Seven sons and his house, and around
him seven sons, then Satan.

Sources: Job 1, WEB (corpus 1, weighted at 78%), and the entire book of Job (corpus 2, 22%)
Generator: jGnoetry

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