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Job, chapters four & five

January 10, 2013

4. Eliphaz the Temanite

Between mornings is
the dust of clay
and ready desire.
Put no trust in the old lion
when deep sleep falls
on men. Listen, or perish forever.

Without money, behold the consumed
for the oldest build their fathers
in whose clothing they shall be seen
when, and deep.

The tent cord plucked up,
God, trembling, causes
himself from the gates of
your piety, your anger,
and sows trouble.
5. Eliphaz, cont.

You? Like a full age has hope,
grope at peace with error,
know grain like resentment
full of the scourge.

Things that swoop, be hidden
for me against and know
understanding from safety. Let it.
You are in peace with
darkness and dust.

Set up even the thorns
but send waters on the
devices of hope,
waters to cover you and mock you.
He sets it up, and you take it.

Sources: Job chapters four & five, WEB (corpus 1, weighted at 78%), and the entire book of Job (corpus 2, 22%)
Generator: jGnoetry (3 stanzas free verse, edited)

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