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portmanteaux random diastic

April 30, 2013


abitaph han
outh nows broked bosome withou youthou
adden taugh
unsweet outh yournity thould wortue eterfumentle
appy cand
evisary lents theeking resensull thiness wortue
imped mistain wring Musick


4/26/13, Method 8e39ddee-aece-11e2-b790-f23c91aec05e (portmanteaux random diastic). Source text: Shakespeare sonnets.

Character-level markov generation is great because you come up with some awesome portmanteaux. Basically, halfway through forming a word, the system “forgets” the context that was used to generate the first part of the word, and starts generating a new word. This is particularly effective with n-gram models where n is around 4; more than that and you have too much context, less than that and you get some long weird words.

In this variation, I use charNG to identify portmanteaux, then use eDiastic with solid-vowel “words” to read through, to create a rhythm to the verse.

Method 8e39ddee-aece-11e2-b790-f23c91aec05e (portmanteaux random diastic).

Step 1: use charNG to generate from character 4-gram models.

Step 2: Use charNG to analyze portmanteaux.


Step 3: insert portmanteaux into eDiastic for authoring. For a seed text, use a vowel pattern that sounds good. “Read through” in random order, cycling.


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