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Certainly, as in absolutely groundless (Stein Poem)

May 2, 2013

Certainly, as in unconditionally groundless
Supposing the groundlessness of judgements.
Experience certain in that I know of this case, now, only.
Like children we believe that meaning remains with us.
And imagine that for us the earth is lacking.
I believe that there’s a big gap in this somewhere.
Remember how we came into our lives.
Remember how we did not come into words alone.
The words I have, I want to have been living.
The opposite is to write a simple sentence.
Supposing experience as certain, and words certainly.
Imagine the earth was not holding us closer.
Supposing experience as that which gathers around us.
As children we believe that this is a calculation.
On grounds of that we believe our lives can be too.
Remember how often we have miscalculated.
And imagine that the earth has been removed from us.
I believe it is generally accepted that this will happen.
Imagine the absolute mathematical nothingness.
Imagine the transition from our experience to that.
Like children we believe that this is nonsense.
On grounds of the earth exists for us.
Remember that we came into this thinking through time.
And supposing we know in order to be mistaken.
And supposing the groundlessness of knowledge.
The moon, a conditional suchness.
And supposing the groundlessness of error.
As only in pure mathematics, a violet.
Experience the groundlessness of this concept for a moment.
Now the groundlessness of that moment extends.
Supposing, if anything, the moon had to be amputated.
That, if anything, the earth was thus restored.

Composed with jGnoetry and the following source texts:
Gertrude Stein, Stanzas in Meditation (the corrected edition)
Ludwig Wittgenstein, On Certainty

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