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July 5, 2013


[1] To Plunge the Ocean

darkness is his secret place
where the channels of the sea
are emptied of their reasons
& the heavens themselves descend
into the meaning of a flea
& the wings of the very wind itself
are clipped for its own protection

I can understand your thunder
& fill the skies with tears
& clothe the very sun
with lesser demons
as hailstones fall into lava
& the breadth of a whisper
dissolves in a vacuum

[2] The Hunger

your lips piece together a word. from my subservient tongue. between the fork of your needs. & every shackle is a vice. within your knees forked off. & I can pin you to the bed for this.

’cause all I do is hunger there. I lie in wait. & piss in cups. to please your precious bait & wait & wait & wait. & lie. in wait

[3] The Prisoner

a storm like an insect. rises. out of the horizon. & pillages your home.

& a suspension of names. rain from heaven. like a murderer’s fame. as the sky goes pitch. & waits for a suitable subject. to make a specimen of pieces. an abstraction of your heart.

this wind has kept
the snowflakes from falling
serpents suspended
from a prisoner’s asshole
& now a container
within a container
the detachment
of new convicts
nailed to the floor

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