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The Tolkacz Bias

July 28, 2013

predatory letters. whitewashed pigs. patterned on claws or needles. psyches based on the revolver.

in this sacrificial circus. i was wished for. by a god of a man. who could not find the light.

the truth begins as a lie. each tomorrow is invisible. snakes & pain play patterns. suggestions & equations. that run like red dots out of a masochist who could not find a sadist.

love is darkness under this moon. any moment now, a cult will find peace behind an asteroid. & natural law will devour all sympathy. i hide behind a star. i seek salvation in your eyes. i do not know who you are. but the echo of your influence. pushes and pushes.

say that we can’t love. grOwl. in sequence. that palpable tiny behest. is a sacrificial circus. who rabbits at the horizon’s hole.

songs. souls. men. spread a snare for one another. & entangle themselves.


generator = Infinite Monkeys
method = n-grams
bias = The Tolkacz Bias (which is all of my poems thrown into an n-gram bias)

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  1. July 28, 2013 2:17 pm

    I’m fairly certain after composing this that i need a labotomy..

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