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August 9, 2013

a cage can learn. take away the wind. you become the rain. & g0d’s time is the mother of always. g0d’s time is the mother of yesterday. what it will become. it must never have been. it must never have sworn. bouncing off a cliff. it must slump to learn the wall. must empathize with the door. & the circle cracks away the square. the majority of our tomorrows are borrowed. the majority of our yesterdays are a shape. & we climax against death’s opportunities & g0d’s eye watches over all of this. molten magma forgotten erasure amnesia & catatonic guilt for all that I have yet to have been able to inspire this.

there was a devil known as desire. a puppet by the name of rage. a light at your feet & my eyes forever humanize the pain. I thought I could be immortal & a child’s gift to their mother would be any winter flower that lives to see the spring.

we crack squares my
majority immortal
can against its will
wall a guilt
tomorrow’s wall
opportunities over
door opportunities
a light wind in the door
be immortal
light amnesia climax could
be any eyes
that empathize a cage
sworn over
our yesterdays
square their guilt


so the idea here was to take the tolkacz bias and perform a cut up on the generated text. the n-gram bias was cleared after the wall to wall block was composed, and then that block was re-entered to form a smaller bias. text was then generated out of the aformentioned with minimal editing and a careful selection process. thus you have a dwindling of language (as material) – a process which if carried out indefinitely would whittle its way down to a single word.

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