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Infinite Monkeys n-gram Algorithm in JavaScript

February 20, 2014

Apparently WordPress does not allow you to edit HTML directly? That is sad. I was able to post the n-gram algorithm which comes stock with Infinite Monkeys directly to blogger, which is cool.


Currently, the program allows you to do word level n-gram manipulations on a large amount of text. The algorithm is identical to the one which is found in standalone executable version of Infinite Monkeys 1.99 but some functionality is missing. The ability to load and save ‘biases’ (the saved n-gram states) is absent. The interface is clunky and odd (because it is stuck in a blog post). That is about it. I hope you enjoy. More to come, for sure.


This is the first ever project I have done in JavaScript, but I will continue to work with the language. It is the most well document language in the history of programming which is a good thing, since it’s painfully difficult to debug. There’s an universal truth circulated among programmers. It is not the errors that refuse to compile that cause the most grief, it is the ones that compile and lurk in the background, destroying your faith in yourself, that are the worst bugs. JavaScript will run regardless of what nonsense you throw at it. JavaScript will compile anything.


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